August 4, 2021

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The growing complexity of the operational environment is today well acknowledged by military R&D and operational communities.

Technology meets unprecedented challenges by having to operate in a highly inter-connected and networked space and having to understand how those operate in complex information environments. In addition, the security of those systems and the information gathered, stored and transmitted by them is crucial. Indeed, in military communications, the need to guarantee the integrity, accessibility and secrecy of the information is critical in a course of an operation.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has applied to provide secured military communications solutions for land forces, airbones and naval: 


  • Rafael Broadband IP Radio for Ground Forces (The BNET) is a software-defined radio that responds to the needs of the modern digital battlefield as it features high-speed, low-delay, reliable connectivity for broadband data, voice and video on the move. This system improves military communication between all units (either land, sea or air) as it enables them to participate in a single mobile ad hoc network. 
  • The C4I-Connect is an integrated military communication network. It enables an instant communication pathway between multiple users and sensors, anywhere, across different bearers.  It also enables easier tactical and strategic decision-making as it is used not only at sites (either fixed, deployable or fully mobile) but also at command and control centers. 
  • BSAT is a technology specifically defined and developed to offer a Satcom response to the operational needs of tactical forces. It provides full connectivity and is based on breakthrough antenna panel technology and state-of-the-art control and tracking mechanisms. Being the smallest RA-band SO terminal in the market, BSAT is taking military communications to the next level. 
  • The DLV-53 is changing the way data links perform in ISTAR missions. It is a wideband data link solution designed for ISTAR applications and enabling real-time, high capacity performance of a full duplex link. It increases war-fighters’ survivability and enables seamless operations. It features multi-dimensional flexibility, and adapts to match a variety of platforms.
  • The Airstar multi-sensor system is developed to enable airspace dominance by expanding early warning and surveillance capabilities. While significantly contributing to the development of military communications, the system aims to enable total situational awareness. 
  • Maritime conditions, battle damage and the need for secrecy are reinforcing the challenge of offering extremely reliable, flexible military communications systems to navies. SeaCom offers integrated communications for all onboard requirements, with a redundant IP network for operations continuity. It is suitable for any surface ship, submarine and patrol boat.  

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